SuperSlim SuperMulti drive

SuperSlim SuperMulti drive

SuperSlim SuperMulti drive

This ESW846 External USB2.0 SuperSlim SuperMulti drive combines all the functions of a DVD player, DVD recorder, CD player and CD recorder into one lightweight, portable design that fits in your notebook! It is the perfect accessory for the mobile professional who needs to access data. Advanced slot in design protects your media from the dust. The most important feature is that it burns every disc format you can find in the world.

Features And Benefits
  • Fashionable housing design
  • Simple and fast installation - easy plug and play operation
  • Fits your liftstyle: Watch your favorite DVD movies, play music and games; burn photo and music CDs or DVDs.
  • Abundant software included
  • Anti-scratch mirror cover
  • Advanced slot-In loading design
  • Super-slim design, weight 420g.
  • Stylish transparent stand design
  • UK/US/AU/EU 4 convertible adapter plugs included.(Optional)
  • Fully compatible to all CD/DVD disc formats
  • Reliable Panasonic tech inside
  • Highest writing / reading speed
  • Silent & stable mechanism
  • Horizontal / Vertical orientations

    Dimension 16.3 x 15 x 1.8(cm)
    Weight 420g

    Leading Edge Technology

  • Mt. Rainier(F/W not ready)
    Mt. Rainier, also known as EasyWrite, is a format specified by Microsoft, Sony, Philips and Hewlett-Packard to allow an optical disc to be used exactly like a floppy disk. That is, being able to read from and write to the disc from within any application you use, without the need for special burning software. Mt. Rainier differs from traditional packet writing software in that it performs most of the tasks (such as background formatting and handling defect management) in the hardware of the drive itself, making the system far more robust, and relieving the operating system from these tasks. Mt. Rainier will be a standard part of the forthcoming Microsoft Windows version, called Longhorn. Mt. Rainier capability is available for CD-RW and DVD+RW only. Look for the EasyWrite logo on the front of the drive to determine if it is Mt. Rainier compliant.

  • Two-way Compatibility
    Two-way compatibility is the basic philosophy for DVD+/-R and DVD+/-RW. It means that existing DVD-Video discs can be played on a DVD+/-RW recorder (or that existing DVD-ROM discs can be read on a DVD+/-RW drive), and that the recordings you make on DVD+/-R and DVD+/-RW discs can be played on existing DVD-Video players and DVD-ROM drives.

    Minimum Systems Requirements Basic system requirements:
  • PIII 450 CPU and higher, 128MB memory and higher.
  • Windows 98SE/ windows ME/ Windows 2000/ Windows XP

    Recommended system requirements:
  • PIII700 CPU, 256 MB memory.
  • Windows 98SE/ Windows ME/ Windows 2000/ Windows XP

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