Blu-ray disc driver/writer

Blu-ray disc driver/writer

Blu-ray disc driver/writer

NU HBR258, Panasonic Shikoku BD drive embedded, is capable of performing real time error correction on the industry standard data format for a variety of spec. The size of the imbedded 8Mbyte buffer is used as a ring buffer that prevents buffer under-run errors, secures stability when writing and ensures reliable and greater quality consistency.

Relinquishing this amazing and innovative Audio feature, NU HBR258 plays audio via a Line Out connector located on the rear of the drive. With its volume control by software, you can enjoy the audio out via earplugs or infrared ray headphones.

Another great feature is its high value bundled with Nero7 Essentials software disc and Panasonic 25G RE blank disc, The newly-developed surface-treatment technology enables a significant boost in disc resistance to scratch, abrasion and dust, leaves you with a more convenient way to enjoy burning this next generation high capacity of Blu-ray in this All-In-One NU HBR258 Half-High External USB2.0 Blu-ray disc drive.

With the power of a Blu-ray burner comes the next generation of data storage technology. Able to burn 25GB on a single layer Blu-ray disc and up to 50GB on a double layer Blu-ray disc, the NU HBR258 has created a future for high density and secure computer and data storage including backup, high definition movies, photos and anything else you can imagine.

Features And Benefits:
  • Supports BD-ROM/-R/RE,DVD-RAM,+R/+RW/+R DL,-R/-RW/-R DL, CD-R/RW
  • BD Transfer Rate( Read / Write)
    BD-ROM,BD-R,BD-RE : 2X CLV, 9MB/s
  • Easy Installation
    Just plug & play with USB2.0 interface
  • Error Correction
    HBR-258 is capable of performing real time error correction on the industry standard data format for a disc formats
  • Data Buffer (8M byte)
    Prevents buffer under-run errors and secures stability when writing
  • Load Eject Mechanism
    The tray can be operated by the Eject button or STSRT/STOP UNIT command through the IDE interface.
    Drive has a 2mm diameter pinhole for the emergency tray eject.
  • Audio out via a line out connector located on the rear of drive

    Dimension: 233.6 cm x 55.4 cm x 16.3 cm(cm)
    Weight: 1.45 kg

    Minimum Systems Requirements:

    For PC or Notebook
  • Compatible Pentium III 1GHz or faster processor
  • Recommend Windows 2000/XP operating system
  • 128MB RAM or higher recommended
  • USB2.0 interface

    For Macintosh
  • Power PC Processor (G3,G4,or G4 Dual)
  • System recommended Mac OS 10.2 or above
  • At least 128MB RAM

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