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Antenna GSM

Antenna GSM

    Smarteq Wireless AB, based in Täby, Stockholm Sweden, is a leading developer of antennas and antenna systems for vehicles and industrial applications. Since its founding in 1996, Smarteq has amassed more than 50 years of experience through acquisitions in wireless communication. As more and more aspects of daily and commercial life become wireless, Smarteq is perfectly positioned to meet the increased demand for automotive and industrial components.

Base 1131
Base 1131 - side body mount
Base 1131 is designed for mount on the side of a vehicle. It operates in frequency range 27-1000 MHz, we offer a wide range of radiators to choose from. The base is tested to endure severe climate conditions.

  • Designed for reliable and fixed hole mounting
  • Operates in frequency range 27-1000 MHz
  • Made to fit an angular surface i.e. on the side of a vehicle
  • Designed for radiators with M6 thread
  • Mount hole diameter 19 mm
  • Base for sidemount without cable, FME (m) connector

    Base 2000XL
    Base 2000XL - a heavy duty body mount...
    adapted to frequencies up to 2500 MHz and thus working perfectly for GSM 900/1800 MHz Dual Band and AMPS/PCS 800/900 MHz Dual Band. Base 2000XL has a very good electrical performance. It is extremely easy to mount, the design is slim, attractive and discreet.
    The base is made of fibre glass reinforced polyamide, with excellent toughness and chemical resistance (the same material is used for certain car engine components!). Absolutely waterproof. Tested under 1 meter water column. Mounted in 14mm or 19mm diameter hole, both from outside and the inside.

    A durable and corrosion free universal fixed base suitable up to 2500 MHz. Excellent Dual Band performance.

  • Designed for reliable and fixed hole mounting
  • Operates in: NMT450 or GSM 900/1800 or AMPS/PCS 800/1900 MHz or 3G/Bluetooth
  • Exposed parts made in plastic material makes it totally corrosion free
  • Designed for radiators with M4 thread
  • Mount hole diameter 14 mm or 19 mm

    Ant - Multifunction Antenna
    For car roof mount. Ant is designed to meet a constant need for improved, reliable communication between vehicles and logistic security centres.
    Ant includes a mobile phone antenna, GPS antenna with Low Noise Amplifier and a option to mount an external radiator.

    A wide range of radiators for different frequencies are available. Ant can be used in different applications depending on which system it is integrated with: Fleet Manage-ment, safety/security systems, logistics and other telematics applications.It's slim and aerodynamic design makes it perfect to use both on HGVs and smaller vehicles, like taxis, pick-ups, vans etc.

  • Designed for reliable and fixed hole mounting
  • Operates in systems GSM 900/1800 or AMPS/PCS 800/1900+GPS+option for external radiator operating on 27-600 MHz
  • Designed for optional radiator with M6 thread
  • Mount hole diameter 19mm
  • GPS antenna with high performance LNA (Low Noise Amplifier)
  • Filter characteristics specially designed to minimize disturbances from mobilephone system
  • Low Loss RG316 cable

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