USB Data Suite MA-8xxx

USB Data Suite MA-8xxx

USB Data Suite MA-8xxx

The retail package contains a Handset Manager software CD and a high quality USB interface data cable. This world’s most popular Data Suite has the most powerful features and supports the most extensive mobile phone brands and models. It enriches and backups user’s mobile contents, provides mobile internet access and works optionally as a power charger.

Mobile Internet: Dial up to the Internet using your cell phone as a wireless modem. It supports GPRS Mobile Internet Connectivity for the modem-capable phones. You will need to purchase data plan supporting modem connection from your carrier separately to activate the network service. The enclosed GSM/GPRS Modem set-up utility is especially designed for mobile phone users to facilitate Wireless Modem installation and Mobile Internet exploration. You can easily connect your computer to the Internet through your mobile phone. Please note this feature is not supported on all phones. Refer to the product page for modem support of specific phone.

USB Charger: USB Data Suite also functions as a handy charger to your phone through computer. Just connect your mobile phone to your computer using USB data cable and start charging. There are two ways to charge the phone depending on the type of cable used, one is hardware enabled by turning on the charger switch on the cable's USB connector, the other is software programmable using the built-in charger feature. Please note this feature is not supported on all phones, Refer to the product page for USB Charger support of specific phone.


  • Edit, Backup, and Organize the personal phonebook on PC and Upload to phone, also synchronize Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express contacts with mobile phone.

    Photo Editor
  • Spice up interesting images on your camera phone. Compose and edit favorite pictures and GIF clips into a surprising animation with more than 42 special effects.

    Video composer
  • Compose and edit your video, with special effects and the other sounds, graphics and animation. Image this, with recording your own voice, a MP3 song, text subtitles, special effects, and a video made by you, you can easily create your own MV.

    MP3 Clipper
  • Select your favorite MP3 songs and clip your favorite parts, switch the orders, upload to your mobile phone then, you can easily create unique MP3 ringtones or songs, either for your own or sharing with your friends.

  • Append personal signature behind short messages. Store frequently-defined SMS text in SIM card. Send various formats of short messages. i.e. text, ring tones, graphic to supportive phones.

  • Compose and edit personal polyphonic ring tone with up to 128 different instruments. Create HiFi music by superb recording and mixing/editing of AMR, Voices, and WAV audio files.

  • Update the Outlook Calendar contents to your handset directly

    File Manager
  • Like the Windows Explorer, file Manager allows easy drag and drop file transfer between cellular phone and computer.

    Photo wizard
  • Create your own unique photo. An easy-to-use function that allows you to adjust color, balance, brightness.. etc, so as to enhance photo quality. 16 kinds of special effects will turn your photo into a professional one.

    Music manager
  • Enjoy music in your own way. Music Manager can import MP3 files from your PC and upload to your mobile phone.
    You’ll be able to sort your desired MP3 files by artist, album, and other criteria. Playlists and smart playlists allow simple management of your favorite MP3 files and easy upload to your mobile phone.

    USB Charger
  • Recharge Mobile Phone with USB Cable.

  • Synchronize Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes of your Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express with your mobile phone periodically and automatically.

    Mobile Internet
  • Access Internet/e-mail anytime and anywhere via GPRS/GSM.


  • Operating systems support: Windows 2000 / XP Home / XP Pro / Vista
  • Maximum transfer speed : 1.5M bps. Mobile phone connection: 115.2k bps.
  • Regulatory compliance: FCC approval, CE marking, C-Tick.

    * For Windows Vista support, please click here.

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